Welcome to the Jubilee Ministry Community Volunteer Group!

We are so excited to have you join our team of volunteers that are dedicated to supporting and improving our community through service. Our goal is to bring community volunteers together to help individuals and organizations that need assistance, and in doing so, improve quality of life and strengthen our community.

Individuals, organizations, and the projects that the Community Volunteer Group will be supporting will be selected based upon screening criteria that is developed and reviewed by the Community Volunteer Leadership Group who themselves are volunteers and represent a cross section of the community.  The screening criteria takes into consideration the need, positive impacts on the community and lack of other available resources.

When a Community Volunteer Group opportunity arises, you will be notified via your e-mail.  The e-mail notice will be sent from Jubilee Ministry Volunteer. If you sign up to help, you will receive a text and e-mail reminder of your assignment a day or two prior to the actual activity.

If you receive the notice of a project opportunity from Jubilee Ministry Volunteer in your e-mail on your smart phone, simply open the e-mail and follow the instructions. If receive the e-mail notice on your laptop, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Open the e-mail and “right click” on the notice box in the upper left corner of the green box and then select “download pictures” to download the information.
  2. Next, “left click” on the “sign up now” highlighted link.
  3. Next “left click” on the green box entitled “continue with your name.”
  4. The next screen that appears will allow you to “left click” on the green box titled “sign up” and you will be assigned as a volunteer on the project that is described adjacent to and right of the green box.
  5. Next you will be asked for your e-mail address, and you will have the opportunity to check the box to receive notification and reminders by text message. When you have completed this screen, you simply left click on the green “save and done” box. 
  6. When completed, you will have the option of printing the assignment or adding it to your outlook calendar.

If you have any questions or difficulties in signing up for a Jubilee Ministry volunteer opportunity, please contact Jim Hopwood the executive director of Jubilee Ministry weekdays at (509) 786-3033.

Thanks again for your willingness to help bring our community closer together through service, and welcome to the Volunteer Group.

Jim Hopwood

Executive Director